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#731 - Western Cape, Somerset West - Mimmie Loyal Lap Yorkie

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#728 - Western Cape, Panorama - Puppet Loving Lap Yorkie Girl

Western Cape, Panorama Puppet   Yorkie lady  10 Years of age She is a real lapdoggy that loves attention.  Puppet is a calm Yorkshire Terrier. She is very loving & likes to sleep on the bed with her owners.  She is excellent with children. Puppet has good health. She is sterilized.  She is house trained.  Puppet is excellent with other dogs and with cats.

#724 - Western Cape, Brackenfell - Beautiful Yorkie Brothers Need New Home

Western Cape, Cape Town, Brackenfell Loki and Raphael Yorkie brothers  1 year 10 months old. Truly special Yorkshire Terrier boys. They have tons of love & love cuddling . They are well behaved, intelligent  & disciplined. They boys have different personalities . Loki loves to play, loves people & other dogs while Raphael is happier keeping to himself. Loki is very timid and super friendly. Raphael is feisty and overprotective of his brother even though he is smaller ;) They are not good with children. They are socialized with other dogs. They are not good with cats. They have excellent health. They are house trained.

#721 - ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Blouberg - Moose & Roxy Need Great Homes

ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Blouberg Moose & Roxy Need their new loving homes. They are 2 years old.  Moose is a Yorkie boy  and Roxy is a Morkie. They are very happy, loving & excellent with children.  Moose loves people & always wants to be with people. He is basically a walking teddy bear .  Roxy is very sassy and independent but loves people just as much. They have good health & both have been sterilized. They are house trained. They are excellent with other dogs.

#718 - ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Langebaan - Penelope and Silver need caring homes

ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Langebaan Penelope is a Yorkie girl (5 yrs) and Silver is a Yorkie boy (2 yrs) who have had a hard life till now.  Penelope has a gentle nature . Silver is unsure, but so loving . Their past causes them anxiety, but they are responding so well to attention and love.  They are housetrained and have been leash trained to an extent.  They are both sterilised and have vet cards.  They are very healthy, but their teeth will need attention. Penelope is not good with other male dogs, but Silver is submissive. 

#716 - ALREADY ADOPTED Cape Town, Durbanville - Jessie Adorable Yorkie X girl

ALREADY ADOPTED Cape Town, Durbanville: Jessie is a 4-year-old Yorkie x Maltese girl who is happy, friendly and just loves people , whether they are adults or children. She is very affectionate and active and brings her joy with her wherever she goes.  Jessie  is happy to be with small dogs, but she doesn't like big dogs or cats .  She is sterilised, her vaccinations are done and she has her vet card.  She has a sensitive stomach and needs to eat kibbles. She cannot tolerate table food or soft pet food. Jessie is microchipped and she is  trained to walk on leash.

#713 - ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Bellville - Mojo and Roxy Good Mannered Yorkies

ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Bellville, Cape Town Mojo & Roxy Mojo is 10 Years of age Roxy is a miniature Yorkie 11 Years young.  They have been through a great ordeal and need extra loving and great care. Roxy is very lovable, people friendly and thinks she is a princess. Mojo is loving, active, playful with an alert personality.  Both are very loyal , good mannered house dogs. Both have been sterilized. They are active and have excellent health. They are house trained.  They are excellent with children.

#709 - ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Cape Town - Nina needs a loving home

ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Cape Town:  Nina is an affectionate 7-year-old Yorkie girl. She is used to always being with someone during the day.  She loves cuddling and staying close to her people and she is happy when she can give them loving little licks.  Nina doesn't have experience with children or with cats and she isn't getting along with the other doggy at home, but she isn't an aggressive little girl. Nina is sterilized and healthy , but she lost sight in one of her eyes a few years back. This was possibly caused by a genetic defect.  Nina loves walking and enjoys the beach, but she will need training to walk on leash.  She will need some assistance with housetraining.

#691 - ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Cape Town - Nick Loving Yorkie Boy

ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Cape Town: Nick is 12 years old and just loves company . He will be your shadow and give you cuddles whenever you need them.  Nick doesn't like to be alone and will bark if he is feeling lonely. He is used to children, but prefers to be around adults.  Nick is excellent with cats and other dogs and enjoys going for walks. He is leash trained, but he is also obedient when off leash. He is housetrained. Nick is sterilised, his vaccinations are up-to-date and he has his vet card. He is a very healthy senior boy.

#686 - ALREADY ADOPTED Cape Town, Royal Ascot - Bones Loving Yorkie Boy

ALREADY ADOPTED Cape Town, Milnerton: Bones is a loving Yorkie boy who is around 7 years old. He has a lovely nature and is very protective of his person and can be feisty at times. Bones is a  lap doggy who wants to be with you wherever you are. He thoroughly enjoys his walks and is leash trained. Bones is an only dog that has never interacted with cats. He is good with children he knows but has never lived with children. Bones is housetrained , but he won't go out after dark.

#681 - ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Muizenberg, Lakeside - Smartie and Zoezoe need forever home

 ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Muizenberg, Lakeside: Smarti e and Zoezoe  Smartie , a Yorkie boy, and Zoezoe , a Yorkie girl, are around 4 years old.  Smartie is a little bigger than Zoezoe .  They are both very affectionate and playful.   Smartie loves to cuddl e and Zoezoe loves being on your lap , but she doesn't like to be cuddled for too long as she seems to be a little claustrophobic. They both walk happily on leashes and thoroughly enjoy their walks .   They come from a home with children and they are very well socialised with oth er dogs.    It is unknown what they will be like with cats. They are both sterilised .  They are in very good health .

#674 - ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Richwood - Charlie Friendly Yorkie Boy Needs New Home

ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Richwood, Cape Town Charlie Yorkie boy about 5 Years of age. He has been neutered. Charlie has good health. He is house trained. Charlie is a very friendly Yorkie that loves attention. He loves his toys . Charlie is a good watch dog .  It is unknown how he will be around children. He is a fussy eater and does not eat a lot.  Charlie will greet and play with other dogs,  but  may be possessive over his owner.  He is not good with cats.

#672 - ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Cape Town - Playful Bubbles Needs New Home

ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Cape Town, Mitchell's plain Bubbles A Yorkie boy about 12 Years of age. Bubbles is very playful , energetic & loves his walks. He loves children. He does not have any health issues. He is not house trained. Bubbles does extremely well with other animals big and small .