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#610 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Western Cape, Parklands - Coco Yorkie Puppy Needs New Home Urgently

ALREADY ADOPTED! Western Cape, Parklands Coco 7 months old Yorkie puppy boy needs his new home urgently . He needs a home where he will have someone at home to give him all the love & attention he deserves. He has good health & up to date with his shots.  Coco is a very energetic Yorkshire Terrier that is excellent with children. Coco is excellent with other dogs. It is unknown how he would be with cats.

#607 - ON HOLD - Western Cape, Fish Hoek - Lily & Max Loving Yorkie Need New Home

Western Cape, Fish Hoek Lily and Max Yorkies needing  their new loving home. Lily is a 7 Year old girly and Max is a 5 Year old boy. They have been sterilized. They are very healthy. Lily has a sensitive stomach but when sticking to a good diet she should be fine. Lily is 7 years old and quite the petite, sensitive one but an absolute sweetie who insists on lots of cuddles and loves a good belly scratch. She's very playful and can play with a ball for hours.    Max is 5 years old a soft natured boy that gives you  smiles :) He loves to go for walks. They are excellent with children. They are excellent with other dogs. It is unknown how they would be with cats.

#604 - Western Cape, Somerset West - Ernie Loveable and Playful Yorkie Boy

 Western Cape, Somerset West Ernie is a Yorkie boy 7 Years of age. Ernie is very loveable ,  playful & active . He loves to catch toys  & chases birds ;)  Ernie is excellent with children. Ernie has good health. Ernie is house trained.  Ernie is excellent with dogs,  it is unknown how he would be with cats.

#603 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Western Cape, Mosselbay - Cooper Good Watch Dog

ALREADY ADOPTED! Western Cape, Mosselbay  Cooper is a Yorkie boy about 3 years of age. He is in a perfect condition, but in need of some good grooming. Cooper has a s weet temperament.  He l oves children , loves cuddles and to be next to his person .  Cooper is a good watch dog .  Cooper is excellent with cats. He is good with other dogs. 

#600 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Western Cape, Cape Town - Beautiful Georgia Yorkie Lady Needs Special Home

Western Cape, Cape Town  Georgia   Cute little 12 Year Old Yorkie Lady needs a special loving home Georgia is a Yorkshire Terrier who keeps to herself. She will come for a pet and some love from the person she trusts.  She is excellent with children.  She has been sterilized. A while ago she injured her back left leg but she is not in pain and runs  & manages fine otherwise. She does have stinky breath but otherwise Georgia is very healthy . She does not enjoy driving in a vehicle.  Georgie is excellent with other dogs  and cats.