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#560 - No longer up for adoption - Western Cape, Vredenburg - Lucy Lovely Companion

No longer up for adoption - (already adopted) Western Cape, Vredenburg  Lucy is a 16 year old Yorkie girly. She is a lovely girl and an excellent companion. Lucy is deaf and she is starting to go blind. She has a cyst on her head but she has no pain and very much up and about . Lucy is house trained . Lucy is excellent with children .  Lucy is excellent with dogs & cats .  

#558 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Western Cape, Vredenburg - Lolly & Chilly Boy Wonderful Companions

ALREADY ADOPTED!  Western Cape, Vredenburg  Lolly and Chillyboy are two loving Yorkies needing their new home together.  They are about 3 Years of age.  Lolly is a Yorkie girly and will be nervous in the beginning but once she is used to her new family she is a real lap doggy . She does not like loud noises. Chilly Boy is a very compassionate  golden Yorkshire Terrier. They are excellent with children. They are loving and wonderful companions. They have excellent health.  They are house dogs and are used to sleeping on a bed :) They are excellent with cats .