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#731 - ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Somerset West - Mimmie Loyal Lap Yorkie

 ALREADY ADOPTED  Western Cape, Somerset West Mimmie  Is a 5 years old Yorkie girl. Mimmie is a very loyal lap dog, she is friendly and excitable . She is ok with kids.  Mimmie has been sterilized.  She is housetrained. She has very good health . Mimmie gets ear infection. She gets blackheads on her body which the Vet diagnosed as something not to worry about it. Mimmie is excellent with other dogs but she can be dominant towards other female dogs. She is excellent with cats.

#728 - ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Panorama - Puppet Loving Lap Yorkie Girl

ALREADY ADOPTEDWestern Cape, Panorama Puppet   Yorkie lady  10 Years of age She is a real lapdoggy that loves attention.  Puppet is a calm Yorkshire Terrier. She is very loving & likes to sleep on the bed with her owners.  She is excellent with children. Puppet has good health. She is sterilized.  She is house trained.  Puppet is excellent with other dogs and with cats.

#724 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Western Cape, Brackenfell - Beautiful Yorkie Brothers Need New Home

ALREADY ADOPTED! Western Cape, Cape Town, Brackenfell Loki and Raphael Yorkie brothers  1 year 10 months old. Truly special Yorkshire Terrier boys. They have tons of love & love cuddling . They are well behaved, intelligent  & disciplined. They boys have different personalities . Loki loves to play, loves people & other dogs while Raphael is happier keeping to himself. Loki is very timid and super friendly. Raphael is feisty and overprotective of his brother even though he is smaller ;) They are not good with children. They are socialized with other dogs. They are not good with cats. They have excellent health. They are house trained.

#721 - ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Blouberg - Moose & Roxy Need Great Homes

ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Blouberg Moose & Roxy Need their new loving homes. They are 2 years old.  Moose is a Yorkie boy  and Roxy is a Morkie. They are very happy, loving & excellent with children.  Moose loves people & always wants to be with people. He is basically a walking teddy bear .  Roxy is very sassy and independent but loves people just as much. They have good health & both have been sterilized. They are house trained. They are excellent with other dogs.