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#1010 ALREADY ADOPTED - WC Cape Town - Adopt a Yorkie, Hulk and Angel

Western Cape, Goodwood CT ALREADY ADOPTED Adopt a Yorkie Hulk & Angel Adopt a Yorkie Hulk & Angel are 7 years old, they get along with other dogs. They do bark at cats, so will probably chase them. They are used to being around a pool. They are a brothers and need to be adopted together. Hulk Hulk is a standard sized Yorkshire Terrier male, he loves children. He is slightly anxious, and is nervous of car rides. He does enjoy going for walks on his leash. And Hulk does have a good appetite. ~~~ Angel Angel is a small Yorkshire Terrier male who loves attention. He is a true lap dog, and would cuddle on a soft lap all day long if he had his way.  Angel does this cute little dance on his back legs, when he wants treats or attention.  Both Yorkies love people and dogs so much so, that when they go for walks, they will just run up to everyone - human (adult & child) and canine - just to lick and play and get attention. They love to play. Apply to Adopt  HERE South Africa's Fa

#1003 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Sunningdale - Adopt a Yorkie Lucy & Hurley

Western Cape, Sunningdale ALREADY ADOPTED Adopt a Yorkie Lucy & Hurley Both Yorkies get along well with cats. They have not really been exposed to other dogs, as they have been the only doggies. They love children, even toddlers. Lucy 9 year old female Yorkshire Terrier Lucy loves to smile, she has a sweet happy personality and loves children. Lucy enjoys walking on her leash. 🐾🐾🐾 ~~~ 🐾🐾🐾 Hurley 6 year old male Yorkshire Terrier cross. Hurley would love to sit on a lap all day long to enjoy tummy rubs and attention.  He is a little afraid, so needs extra TLC. If the gate is left open, he might make a dash for the open road. He does struggle to walk on a leash, but proper training and he will enjoy the adventure. Lucy & Hurley are house-trained. They have never been around a pool.  Apply to Adopt  HERE South Africa's Favourite Yorkie Rescue SA Yorkie Rescue Team Call / WhatsApp:  071 489 2917 Email:  adoptions Website: Facebo

#1000 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape Gansbaai - Adopt Senior Yorkies, Choppie & Bella

Western Cape, Gansbaai ALREADY ADOPTED Adopt Senior Yorkies - Choppie & Bella Bonded Pair: Two Senior Yorkies 12 years old, that love to run and play . They enjoy strolling on the beach and exploring the shallow waters on the rocks, so when they see their leash, they excited for their anticipated walk. Both Yorkies have not been around cats . Choppie Choppie is a small male Yorkshire Terrier , he weighs about 4kg. He is a chilled out little dog that just loves everyone, including children, and gets along well with all other dogs. ~~~ Bella Bella is a little smaller, she weighs about 3.5kg and has a feisty personality. She prefers to be on her own, as she is not keen on other dogs. She enjoys the company of her owners and interacts well with children . Bella usually adopts one person as her owner and will shadow them everywhere, but still gets along with everyone. Both Yorkies are good in car rides, Choppie loves it, and Bella will curl up on a lap. They are not afraid of thunderst

#989 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Cape Town - Mila & Jack bonded senior Yorkie pair

Western Cape, Tokai ALREADY ADOPTED Mila & Jack They are a bonded senior Yorkie pair, and need to be adopted together.  Both small dogs get on well with children , however, they don't like to be touched too much. The get along well with most dogs , but are afraid of large dogs. They have never met any cats. They are accustomed to be around a swimming pool, they can swim, although very seldom enjoy jumping in to cool off. Mila Mila is a female Morkie (Yorkshire Terrier cross Maltese). She is 12 years old. She is a relaxed little girl, that will snuggle up next to you on the couch.  She enjoys chasing birds & squirrels. Mila has a pink piece of skin near her eye. It does not bother her and has been there for ages. 🐾🐾🐾 ~~~ 🐾🐾🐾 Jack Jack is a Morkie (Yorkshire Terrier cross Maltese) . He is also 12 years old. Jack enjoys cuddling up on your lap for attention and love. Jack enjoys playing fetch, throw his toy outside and he will run out bring it back to you. Jack is a b

#969 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Gordon's Bay - Jasper senior male Yorkie

Western Cape, Gordon's Bay ALREADY ADOPTED Jasper 12 year old senior male Yorkshire Terrier looking for a new retirement home. Jasper is a loving affectionate Yorkie, he is good with children but can get snappy in his old age. Jasper is a standard sized Yorkie that tends to be a little jealous , he will enjoy being the only dog to receive all the attention. If other dogs irritate him, he might chase them, but he is affectionate towards strong confident dogs. Dogs that are timid and whimper, "gets under his skin"  Jasper enjoys going for his early morning stroll on his leash, and also for his evening walks . Jasper does not like to get his feet wet in the rain, so toilet times in wet weather is a challenge for him. He is fully housetrained , and listens when it times to go out for a wee little business. He only barks if there is someone at the door.  Sadly his beloved pawrent is in assisted living  that does not allow Jasper to join her. Apply to Adopt  HERE South Afric

#945 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Hermanus - Gaspari, Landini & Hiccup

Western Cape, Hermanus ALREADY ADOPTED Gaspari, Landini & Hiccup Yorkshire Terriers looking for a retirement home. Senior Yorkies - They are all adventurous, use to climb mountains, they swim and love walks (any kind of walk!). They are all good with children, fully housetrained. Not sure how they will react to cats. They are good with other dogs in a social environment - walking on the beach. They all enjoy car rides. Gaspari 11 year old female Yorkie , Gaspari is a real mom, a very quiet dog as a personality (still barks at things and people, don't get me wrong).  She loves the water, she will dive straight in, shallow water on the beach, puddles of water, the lagoon, this is her happy place. She needs some time to get use to men. Health: She was in a car accident, so her right back leg's nerve got hurt. She can use the leg, but it does not bend. However, if her new mommy can help her exercise the leg, it does go much better. Gaspari would need a home without stairs a

#936 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Knysna - Thorn & Troy bonded Yorkie males

 Western Cape, Knysna Thorn & Troy are tiny Yorkie boys,  they get on well with other dogs,  and with cats.  They are good with children   and love car rides.  They love sleeping in their  vintage suitcase bed.  They are well behaved  small Yorkshire Terriers ,  who love to play.  Thorn 11 year old  Yorkshire Terrier male.   He is starting to go deaf,  Thorn  has a slight limp from a  cruciate ligament injury  that was operated on 8 months ago.  He has healed well. 🐾🐾🐾 Troy 9 year old Male Yorkie Silver in colour Enjoys going for walks Lovable & playful They enjoy being treated  weekly  by the groomers. They are currently in a new home,  with no garden or grass & where baboons are a concern for such small Yorkie boys. Thus, they urgently need to  find a safe home. They are housetrained, however, one of  the males lifts his leg on one piece of furniture  when left alone at home, due to separation anxiety. 🐾🐾🐾 Apply to Adopt  HERE Contact us for more information WhatsA

#905 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Hermanus - Holly tiny female Yorkshire Terrier

Western Cape, Hermanus Holly the most adorable 8 year old Yorkie girl in WC.  She rules her home with  grace and charm,   and enjoys her daily walks  and a 21km run. 

#894 ALREADY ADOPTED - WC, Sea Point - Hatchiko tiny male Yorkie

WC, Sea Point Meet Hatchiko or Hutchi for short, a sweet and spunky senior Yorkie who is looking for his forever home. Hutchi is 10 years old, but don’t let his age fool you. He is full of energy and loves to play, jump and walk.

#871 ALREADY REHOMED - Western Cape, Hermanus - Hunter pocket size Yorkie

 Western Cape, Hermanus Hunter Hunter is a 14 year old   male Yorkshire Terrier

#870 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Hermanus - Benji the sweetest Yorkie boy

Western Cape, Hermanus Benji Benji is a sweet male Yorkshire Terrier He loves to shadow his person He gets very attached to one person

#855 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Sunningdale, CT - Ponch active male Yorkie

Western Cape, Cape Town Ponch 12 years young Very active Yorkshire Terrier Male He loves playing ball & tug of war He wants to play all day

#843 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Wynberg CT - Joey, Tyson & Ellie

Western Cape, Wynberg CT Joey, Tyson & Ellie all three doggies have learnt voice commands Very loving doggies They never bark unless they hear a noise at night They all love children Joey & Tyson are good with other dogs Ellie needs time to get use to other doggies they are not sure about cats Joey is a 10 year old Yorkshire Terrier He is loving, kind & timid he loves to be cuddled . Joey has good health although he doesn’t manage to walk too far Tyson is 11 year old Yorkie Male he is a real boytjie and loves to sit close Tyson is completely blind, yet enjoys his daily walks his teeth are not good but he has good health. Ellie 9 year old Female Morkie She is a beautiful doggy , super healthy , teeth are shining She is full of life and 100% healthy Ellie loves her walks

#841 - ALREADY HOMED - Western Cape, Wilderness - Ami tiny Yorkie Female

Western Cape, Wilderness Ami Quiet &  Loving Female Yorkie She adapts well & needs lots of love Enjoys car rides - travels well