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#1010 ALREADY ADOPTED - WC Cape Town - Adopt a Yorkie, Hulk and Angel

Western Cape, Goodwood CT ALREADY ADOPTED Adopt a Yorkie Hulk & Angel Adopt a Yorkie Hulk & Angel are 7 years old, they get along with other dogs. They do bark at cats, so will probably chase them. They are used to being around a pool. They are a brothers and need to be adopted together. Hulk Hulk is a standard sized Yorkshire Terrier male, he loves children. He is slightly anxious, and is nervous of car rides. He does enjoy going for walks on his leash. And Hulk does have a good appetite. ~~~ Angel Angel is a small Yorkshire Terrier male who loves attention. He is a true lap dog, and would cuddle on a soft lap all day long if he had his way.  Angel does this cute little dance on his back legs, when he wants treats or attention.  Both Yorkies love people and dogs so much so, that when they go for walks, they will just run up to everyone - human (adult & child) and canine - just to lick and play and get attention. They love to play. Apply to Adopt  HERE South Africa's Fa

#995 ALREADY ADOPTED - WC Cape Town - Adopt a Yorkie Puppy, Benji & Birdie

Western Cape, Sunningdale ALREADY ADOPTED Adopt a Puppy Benji & Birdie Adopt a Yorkie Puppy Both Yorkies have grown up with cats and dogs, and they love playing with children. ~~~ Benji Puppy boy The perfect WFH companion Benji 11 month old male Yorkshire Terrier He is a real mommy's boy, that loves attention.  This Yorkie boy sits in his car chair to enjoy car rides to the beach. This Yorkie puppy loves to play fetch, and can be entertained for hours with a ball.  Benji is house trained, and uses puppy training pads when indoors.  He really enjoys going for walks to meet up with other dogs. Benji before his summer cut  ~~~ 🐾🐾🐾 Birdie - Puppy girl Birdie cuddled up in her pen Birdie  3 month old female Yorkshire Terrier She will melt your heart with her beautiful blue eyes. She is a feisty little fur baby, that will back chat "bark" when you tell her no.  This small Yorkie puppy girl loves to play chase with other dogs and enjoys adventures out to the beach. She is

#991 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Cape Town - Romeo loving small Yorkie boy

Western Cape, Plumstead ALREADY ADOPTED Romeo 3 year old male Yorkshire Terrier. Romeo is a playful, affectionate cuddle buddy. He has been the only dog, as he thrives on all the attention and love bestowed on him.   Romeo just loves people. Little people will be fine as long as they are not small children who will pull his tail or play rough with him. Romeo is not socialized with dogs or cats, and prefers to be the only royal canine  in the house. Romeo is a very active small Yorkie boy, that enjoys playing. He does not like to be home alone, and is looking for a lap to cuddle on during the day. Romeo has never been around a swimming pool, and although a short drive to town will be fine for him, he is not a traveling Yorkie, and prefers to stay home. Handsome little Romeo Apply to Adopt  HERE South Africa's Favourite Yorkie Rescue SA Yorkie Rescue Team Call / WhatsApp:  071 489 2917 Email:  adoptions Website: Facebook   |   Instagram   |

#988 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Cape Town - Dolce & Gabbana bonded Yorkie Pair

Western Cape, Cape Town ALREADY ADOPTED Dolce & Gabbana 3 year old Yorkshire Terrier bonded pair They both love children, are well socialized with other dogs, and also get on well with cats. Dolce Dolce is a female Yorkie that just wants to play all the time. She is very active and enjoys running and chasing birds. A true terrier at heart. She does enjoy attention and cuddles, but will only sit for a short time before she jumps up and starts playing again. She does not bark. ~~~ Gabbana Gabbana is a Yorkie boy that is at his happiest cuddled up in someone's arms. He loves attention. He is not a big barker, and is not bothered with any cats, so they can roam around freely. Dolce & Gabbana will only eat out of the same food bowl, even if they each have their own, and they will only cuddle up in the same bed. They are accustomed to be around a swimming pool, but they never take the plunge to enjoy the cool fresh water.  Dolce & Gabbana enjoy each others company and can be

#981 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Vredenburg - Leia & Lexie Bonded Yorkie Girls

Western Cape, Vredenburg ALREADY ADOPTED   Leia & Lexie Two Lovable Female Yorkshire Terriers . Leia & Lexie get very excited when they hear car keys, they are adventurous and love going for car rides. They both love cuddles as they are very affectionate Yorkie girls. They are normally good with other dogs when they are outside of their territory, they do not like cats. Leia Leia is a standard sized female Yorkshire Terrier, she is 6 turning 7 in October. She is a playful energetic Yorkie girl. She enjoys digging up rocks on the beach and running into the sea. She will attach herself to her pawrent and follow them around everywhere, Leia loves cuddles and enjoys sleeping with her tongue sticking out.πŸ˜‚ Leia is good with children. 🐾🐾 πŸ• 🐾 🐾 Lexie Lexie is a small Yorkie girl , she will be 5 in March. Lexie is more reserved little girl, that will take time to get use to new people, and enjoys cuddling up next to her favorite human. Lexie enjoys playing with soft toys, an

#976 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Stellenbosch - Timmie & Nikki bonded Yorkie Pair

Western Cape, Stellenbosch ALREADY ADOPTED Timmie & Nikki The most gorgeous Yorkshire Terrier Pair to be adopted together. They would prefer to be the only doggies in their new home, as they want to have all the love and attention. They are fully housetrained . They are use to sleeping in their own beds, but love to creep into the grandchildren's bed when granny isn't looking, to enjoy a warm cuddle from the children. Timmie Is a one-person kind-of-a-Yorkie, he will bond with someone and then follow them everywhere. He will bark at strangers and if a big man walks in that he doesn't know, he will let you know. He does not bark at friends and family. 🐾🐾🐾 Nikki This Yorkie girl is friendly, loving, and easy going. She loves tummy rubs so much that she will quickly roll over onto her back to make sure she gets her rub. Nikki loves love - and will go to anyone who can give her attention They quietly lay in their basket when going for  car rides . They do prefer to have

#973 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Cape Town - Brave Bear is looking for a buddy to bond with

Western Cape, Tokai ALREADY ADOPTED Bear 7 year old male Yorkshire Terrier Bear is a soft, calm cuddly Yorkie boy looking for a buddy to bond with. Bear always wants to be close to his humans. He loves cuddles and enjoys a good scratch. He is good with children , but might nip at very young toddlers if they pull his ears or tail. Bear gets on very well with other dogs , and can happily stay home alone if he has a canine buddy to play with. Bear loves his toys, but will go into full terrier mode when protecting his favorite squeeky toy to protect it with all his might.  He is not a big barker, but will let you know when the Hadidas come visit. He does not like cats. Bear is a submissive Yorkie boy , who will quickly lay on his back to show his submission to his humans and canine friends. He is fully house-trained , and does not lift his leg in the house. He enjoys going for short walks on his leash. He tore a ligament, that was operated on, and has healed well. He prefers to keep run