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#992 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Fish Hoek - Adopt a Morkie Gigi & Shadow

Western Cape, Fish Hoek ALREADY ADOPTED Adopt a Morkie: Gigi and Shadow Delightful 5-year-old Morkies eagerly searching for their forever home. These two adorable pups are not just pets; they're cherished family members, each with their own unique personalities. Gigi: The Guardian with a Heart of Gold Gigi, the 5-year-old female Morkie, takes her role as a protector seriously. She's the queen of her domain, ensuring the safety of her family and alerting them to any passersby. Beneath her vigilant exterior is a soft-hearted sweetheart who adores cuddles and attention. Join Gigi on car rides, and you'll witness her contagious excitement, complete with adorable whimpers in anticipation of new adventures. ~~~ Shadow: The Timid Lady with a Love for Fresh Air Meet Shadow, the equally charming 5-year-old female Morkie. A true lady, Shadow is a bundle of love with a shy demeanor. Picture her sticking her head out of the car window, relishing the feeling of the wind tousling her h

#989 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Cape Town - Mila & Jack bonded senior Yorkie pair

Western Cape, Tokai ALREADY ADOPTED Mila & Jack They are a bonded senior Yorkie pair, and need to be adopted together.  Both small dogs get on well with children , however, they don't like to be touched too much. The get along well with most dogs , but are afraid of large dogs. They have never met any cats. They are accustomed to be around a swimming pool, they can swim, although very seldom enjoy jumping in to cool off. Mila Mila is a female Morkie (Yorkshire Terrier cross Maltese). She is 12 years old. She is a relaxed little girl, that will snuggle up next to you on the couch.  She enjoys chasing birds & squirrels. Mila has a pink piece of skin near her eye. It does not bother her and has been there for ages. 🐾🐾🐾 ~~~ 🐾🐾🐾 Jack Jack is a Morkie (Yorkshire Terrier cross Maltese) . He is also 12 years old. Jack enjoys cuddling up on your lap for attention and love. Jack enjoys playing fetch, throw his toy outside and he will run out bring it back to you. Jack is a b

#843 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Wynberg CT - Joey, Tyson & Ellie

Western Cape, Wynberg CT Joey, Tyson & Ellie all three doggies have learnt voice commands Very loving doggies They never bark unless they hear a noise at night They all love children Joey & Tyson are good with other dogs Ellie needs time to get use to other doggies they are not sure about cats Joey is a 10 year old Yorkshire Terrier He is loving, kind & timid he loves to be cuddled . Joey has good health although he doesn’t manage to walk too far Tyson is 11 year old Yorkie Male he is a real boytjie and loves to sit close Tyson is completely blind, yet enjoys his daily walks his teeth are not good but he has good health. Ellie 9 year old Female Morkie She is a beautiful doggy , super healthy , teeth are shining She is full of life and 100% healthy Ellie loves her walks

#721 - ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Blouberg - Moose & Roxy Need Great Homes

ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Blouberg Moose & Roxy Need their new loving homes. They are 2 years old.  Moose is a Yorkie boy  and Roxy is a Morkie. They are very happy, loving & excellent with children.  Moose loves people & always wants to be with people. He is basically a walking teddy bear .  Roxy is very sassy and independent but loves people just as much. They have good health & both have been sterilized. They are house trained. They are excellent with other dogs.

#638 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Western Cape, Durbanville - Loki & Zoe need new homes ASAP

ALREADY ADOPTED! Western Cape, Durbanville Loki and Zoe  Loki is a 5 Year old Morkie male  and  Zoe is a 3 Year old Yorkie girl. Loki is very playful and energetic, lovable and vocal  Zoe is exceptionally lovable    She is starting to get to the playful stage in her life. They are excellent with children. Lokie has been neutered and in perfect health, Zoe has an allergic reaction to things washed in certain   washing powder brands,  she is fine with Skip. She is on hypoallergenic food.  This seems to help stop her ear infections. Loki will be fine with other dogs. Zoe has not had  much exposure to other dogs. They have not had much exposure to cats.