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#995 ALREADY ADOPTED - WC Cape Town - Adopt a Yorkie Puppy, Benji & Birdie

Western Cape, Sunningdale ALREADY ADOPTED Adopt a Puppy Benji & Birdie Adopt a Yorkie Puppy Both Yorkies have grown up with cats and dogs, and they love playing with children. ~~~ Benji Puppy boy The perfect WFH companion Benji 11 month old male Yorkshire Terrier He is a real mommy's boy, that loves attention.  This Yorkie boy sits in his car chair to enjoy car rides to the beach. This Yorkie puppy loves to play fetch, and can be entertained for hours with a ball.  Benji is house trained, and uses puppy training pads when indoors.  He really enjoys going for walks to meet up with other dogs. Benji before his summer cut  ~~~ 🐾🐾🐾 Birdie - Puppy girl Birdie cuddled up in her pen Birdie  3 month old female Yorkshire Terrier She will melt your heart with her beautiful blue eyes. She is a feisty little fur baby, that will back chat "bark" when you tell her no.  This small Yorkie puppy girl loves to play chase with other dogs and enjoys adventures out to the beach. She is

#981 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Vredenburg - Leia & Lexie Bonded Yorkie Girls

Western Cape, Vredenburg ALREADY ADOPTED   Leia & Lexie Two Lovable Female Yorkshire Terriers . Leia & Lexie get very excited when they hear car keys, they are adventurous and love going for car rides. They both love cuddles as they are very affectionate Yorkie girls. They are normally good with other dogs when they are outside of their territory, they do not like cats. Leia Leia is a standard sized female Yorkshire Terrier, she is 6 turning 7 in October. She is a playful energetic Yorkie girl. She enjoys digging up rocks on the beach and running into the sea. She will attach herself to her pawrent and follow them around everywhere, Leia loves cuddles and enjoys sleeping with her tongue sticking out.πŸ˜‚ Leia is good with children. 🐾🐾 πŸ• 🐾 🐾 Lexie Lexie is a small Yorkie girl , she will be 5 in March. Lexie is more reserved little girl, that will take time to get use to new people, and enjoys cuddling up next to her favorite human. Lexie enjoys playing with soft toys, an

#953 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Cape Town - Lily & Lexi, Lively Little Yorkies Looking for Love

Western Cape, Edgemead ALREADY ADOPTED Lily & Lexi Lively Little Yorkies Looking for Love If you would like to adopt a Yorkshire Terrier, you might be interested in our two gorgeous Yorkie girls who are searching for a new furever home together. They are both calm and relaxed, and they love to cuddle and play. They are good with children , friendly with other dogs , and they even get along with cats . In fact, they sometimes act like cats themselves, but they don’t like roaming cats in their territory.  They will bark at them to protect their family and home. Lily 6 years old She has a very loving nature & loves to jump everywhere.  Lexi 5 ½ years old This Yorkie girl, is calm and collected. She thinks she is human. These Female Yorkies are adventurous and enjoy going for walks on their leash. Apply to Adopt  HERE South Africa's Favourite Yorkie Rescue SA Yorkie Rescue Team Call / WhatsApp:  071 489 2917 Email:  adoptions Website:  www.yorkierescue.c

#951 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Brackenfell - Skye Albino Yorkie Girl with a Heart of Gold

Western Cape, Brackenfell ALREADY ADOPTED Skye Albino Yorkie with a Heart of Gold "This is me with my long winter coat" Skye is a 3 year old female Albino Yorkie with a gorgeous white coat and stunning blue eyes. Skye is not your typical Yorkie, she has a rare condition that makes her deaf , but also gives her a unique appearance and personality. Skye is the life of the party, she loves people and other dogs, and she is especially fond of children. She has not met any cats yet, but she is curious and friendly towards everything. Skye has learned "sign language" and follows the cues of other small dogs. She needs a home with other doggies who can help her navigate the world. Skye is fully housetrained , and she will let you know when she needs to go outside. She is not afraid of the rain, in fact, she loves it. She enjoys car rides and exploring new places. She walks well on a leash , but she cannot be off leash, as she might wander off and not hear you call her

#923 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Durbanville - Three Tiny Yorkies

Western Cape, Durbanville Winston Amber and Tommy,  three adorable tiny Yorkshire Terriers   who are ready to give you all the cuddles you need!

#918 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Pinehurst - Bella & Tiger bonded Yorkie Pair

Western Cape, Pinehurst Bella and Tiger  are a bonded pair of Yorkshire Terriers   who have been together  since they were puppies. 

#912 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Tableview - Lily & Leila tiny Yorkie Puppies

Western Cape, Tableview Lily & Leila These adorable Yorkshire Terrier  puppies are just 10 months old.  My name is Lily They're both little girls  who enjoy being by your side.  Their energy and playfulness  will bring so much joy into your life.  My name is Leila And when they're not running around,  they absolutely adore snuggling up   with you for some cuddle time.  These puppies are looking for someone  to shower them with love  and pampering all day long. They are good with other dogs and with cats. They have not been around any children Apply to Adopt  HERE Contact us for more information WhatsApp:  071 489 2917 Join our Telegram Channel for Instant Notifications of new listed Yorkies in Western Cape Join  HERE

#907 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Durbanville - Lady female Yorkie

Western Cape, Durbanville Lady Meet Lady,  a gorgeous Yorkie girl  who is 5 years old. 

#905 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Hermanus - Holly tiny female Yorkshire Terrier

Western Cape, Hermanus Holly the most adorable 8 year old Yorkie girl in WC.  She rules her home with  grace and charm,   and enjoys her daily walks  and a 21km run. 

#904 ALREADY REHOMED - Western Cape, Durbanville - Meeka & Mavie two Yorkshire Terrier Girls

Western Cape, Durbanville Meeka and Mavie two Yorkgeous little Yorkshire Terrier girls  who are looking for their forever home.  They are inseparable and must be  adopted as a pair .

#887 ALREADY ADOPTED - Northern Cape, Jan Kemp - Aya tiny female Yorkie

Northern Cape, Jan Kemp Aya a 2 year old female Yorkie Aya is a tiny active playful little Yorkie girl who loves to play with her tennis ball, and sleep with her teddy.

#877 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Brackenfell - Tyson & Bella bonded Yorkie pair

Western Cape, Brackenfell Tyson & Bella bonded brother & sister pair They Love Love They love children dog friendly cats (never been exposed)

#857 - ALREADY HOMED - Western Cape, Strandfontein - Sophie young female Yorkshire Terrier

Western Cape, Strandfontein CT Sophie 2 year old female Yorkshire Terrier Little Sophie loves attention She is well mannered

#841 - ALREADY HOMED - Western Cape, Wilderness - Ami tiny Yorkie Female

Western Cape, Wilderness Ami Quiet &  Loving Female Yorkie She adapts well & needs lots of love Enjoys car rides - travels well

#834 - ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Somerset West - Duke & Townsley Loving Yorkies Need New Home

Western Cape, Somerset West Duke & Townsley Yorkies needing their new home together. They are 5 years of age. Duke will turn 6 in March. He is a loving and sweet boy who loves to  sit on your lap while you work. He hates wearing jerseys and sometimes being stroked in the wrong places . He has separation anxiety and would do best with someone at home. He is nippy with children . Townsley is very gentle natured and sweet. She loves to cuddle in bed.  She is very good with children . She also loves food :) She can get a little defensive when strangers enter the property. They are excellent with other dogs. They are not used to cats. They have been neutered. They are healthy Yorkshire Terriers.

#827 - ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Plettenberg Bay - Blythe and Stirling Yorkie Pair

Western Cape, Plettenberg Bay Blythe & Stirling Both Yorkies are 4 years old  They are healthy, sterilized & microchipped Blythe-Madonna loves attention Enjoys sitting on your lap cuddles up with you on your bed She just loves everyone Although Sterling-Blaze is an escape artist He just loves everyone And gets on well with dogs, cats, horses, etc

#826 - ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Somerset West - Abby & Cody, Yorkie pair looking for new adventures

Western Cape, Somerset West Abby & Cody Looking for a new home together They are a beautiful Yorkshire Terrier pair They are very friendly , playful loving Yorkies They love cuddles & snuggle up on your pillow Abby is a typical female,  she can never get enough treats She plays well with other doggies And is happy to be on her own at times Cody is a bit afraid of other doggies but is mommy's little boy, he just wants to be cuddled He is a quick learner They are both in very good health sterilized and microchipped Fully housetrained Abby & Cody are 5 & half years old  They do not like cats