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#972 ALREADY ADOPTED - Northern Cape, Upington - 4 Yorkies Clifford, Angelo, Kevin & Loretta

Northern Cape, Upington Clifford, Angelo, Kevin & Loretta 4 Yorkshire Terriers looking for loving caring new homes. All the Yorkies get on well with other dogs. Unsure how any of them will react to cats. And they have not been exposed to children. 〰〰〰 Clifford (Already Adopted) Also known as "Smily" is a Male Merle Yorkshire Terrier , with one blue eye and he will be turning 2 on the 18th Feb 2024. Clifford is a lovable Yorkie boy who just wants love. And as you can see, he loves posing for the camera for photos. 🐾🐾🐾 Angelo  Small male Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier, he will be turning 2 soon. Angelo is a feisty  little Yorkie boy who enjoys chasing cats, loves to run and bark. 🐾🐾🐾 Kevin  (Already Adopted) Male Brindle Biewer Yorkie, will be 2 on the 8th Feb 2024. Kevin is very shy, and afraid. He tends to hide himself until he starts to feel comfortable, and relaxed. He needs some extra TLC to make him feel loved and wanted. Due to his skittish nature, he needs a hom

#936 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Knysna - Thorn & Troy bonded Yorkie males

 Western Cape, Knysna Thorn & Troy are tiny Yorkie boys,  they get on well with other dogs,  and with cats.  They are good with children   and love car rides.  They love sleeping in their  vintage suitcase bed.  They are well behaved  small Yorkshire Terriers ,  who love to play.  Thorn 11 year old  Yorkshire Terrier male.   He is starting to go deaf,  Thorn  has a slight limp from a  cruciate ligament injury  that was operated on 8 months ago.  He has healed well. 🐾🐾🐾 Troy 9 year old Male Yorkie Silver in colour Enjoys going for walks Lovable & playful They enjoy being treated  weekly  by the groomers. They are currently in a new home,  with no garden or grass & where baboons are a concern for such small Yorkie boys. Thus, they urgently need to  find a safe home. They are housetrained, however, one of  the males lifts his leg on one piece of furniture  when left alone at home, due to separation anxiety. 🐾🐾🐾 Apply to Adopt  HERE Contact us for more information WhatsA

#923 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Durbanville - Three Tiny Yorkies

Western Cape, Durbanville Winston Amber and Tommy,  three adorable tiny Yorkshire Terriers   who are ready to give you all the cuddles you need!

#922 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Velddrif - Abby tiny female Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

 Western Cape,  Velddrif Abby,   the adorable  Yorkie puppy   who is ready to join your family.  Abby is a bundle of joy who  loves to play and explore.  She is very curious and  eager to learn new things. She is looking for a home  that can provide her with  plenty of exercise, training, and affection.  Abby is a Yorkshire Terrier  who is 6 months old.   She has a beautiful coat of  black & brown fur that is soft and silky.  She has not yet met any dogs or cats ,  but she is friendly and sociable with people she has also not met children . Abby is a perfect companion for anyone  who wants a loyal and lively friend.   🐾🐾🐾 Apply to Adopt  HERE Contact us for more information WhatsApp:  071 489 2917 Instant Notifications  of new listed Yorkies Telegram Channel  for   Western Cape,  Join  HERE WhatsApp Channel  for Western Cape,  Join  HERE

#912 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Tableview - Lily & Leila tiny Yorkie Puppies

Western Cape, Tableview Lily & Leila These adorable Yorkshire Terrier  puppies are just 10 months old.  My name is Lily They're both little girls  who enjoy being by your side.  Their energy and playfulness  will bring so much joy into your life.  My name is Leila And when they're not running around,  they absolutely adore snuggling up   with you for some cuddle time.  These puppies are looking for someone  to shower them with love  and pampering all day long. They are good with other dogs and with cats. They have not been around any children Apply to Adopt  HERE Contact us for more information WhatsApp:  071 489 2917 Join our Telegram Channel for Instant Notifications of new listed Yorkies in Western Cape Join  HERE

#905 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Hermanus - Holly tiny female Yorkshire Terrier

Western Cape, Hermanus Holly the most adorable 8 year old Yorkie girl in WC.  She rules her home with  grace and charm,   and enjoys her daily walks  and a 21km run. 

#894 ALREADY ADOPTED - WC, Sea Point - Hatchiko tiny male Yorkie

WC, Sea Point Meet Hatchiko or Hutchi for short, a sweet and spunky senior Yorkie who is looking for his forever home. Hutchi is 10 years old, but don’t let his age fool you. He is full of energy and loves to play, jump and walk.

#887 ALREADY ADOPTED - Northern Cape, Jan Kemp - Aya tiny female Yorkie

Northern Cape, Jan Kemp Aya a 2 year old female Yorkie Aya is a tiny active playful little Yorkie girl who loves to play with her tennis ball, and sleep with her teddy.

#871 ALREADY REHOMED - Western Cape, Hermanus - Hunter pocket size Yorkie

 Western Cape, Hermanus Hunter Hunter is a 14 year old   male Yorkshire Terrier

#841 - ALREADY HOMED - Western Cape, Wilderness - Ami tiny Yorkie Female

Western Cape, Wilderness Ami Quiet &  Loving Female Yorkie She adapts well & needs lots of love Enjoys car rides - travels well