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#955 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Kuilsrivier - Zacchaeus Friendly Male Yorkie Puppy

Western Cape, Kuilsrivier ALREADY ADOPTED Zacchaeus 19 month old Yorkshire Terrier puppy Zachy is the friendliest Yorkie boy you will ever meet. He just loves people and plays so gently with children . He enjoys attention from his humans and just loves to cuddle on your warm cosy bed. Zacchaeus  is an active Yorkie with a jump in his step from his pure enjoyment of life. He has never been exposed to any cats , and he might need some time to get use to other dogs, as he has not interacted  freely with other canines. "Me with my stunning colouring" Because of his inquisitive nature , he might jump a low wall, or escape if a gate is left open, so he does need a secure home. Zachy has the cutest way of "talking" to you, and barks with excitement when he sees children because then he knows it is playtime.  "Look how stunning I look with my winter coat" Sadly his aging pawrents, can't keep up with his active lifestyle, and it breaks their hearts, howeve

#953 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Cape Town - Lily & Lexi, Lively Little Yorkies Looking for Love

Western Cape, Edgemead ALREADY ADOPTED Lily & Lexi Lively Little Yorkies Looking for Love If you would like to adopt a Yorkshire Terrier, you might be interested in our two gorgeous Yorkie girls who are searching for a new furever home together. They are both calm and relaxed, and they love to cuddle and play. They are good with children , friendly with other dogs , and they even get along with cats . In fact, they sometimes act like cats themselves, but they don’t like roaming cats in their territory.  They will bark at them to protect their family and home. Lily 6 years old She has a very loving nature & loves to jump everywhere.  Lexi 5 ½ years old This Yorkie girl, is calm and collected. She thinks she is human. These Female Yorkies are adventurous and enjoy going for walks on their leash. Apply to Adopt  HERE South Africa's Favourite Yorkie Rescue SA Yorkie Rescue Team Call / WhatsApp:  071 489 2917 Email:  adoptions Website:  www.yorkierescue.c

#951 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Brackenfell - Skye Albino Yorkie Girl with a Heart of Gold

Western Cape, Brackenfell ALREADY ADOPTED Skye Albino Yorkie with a Heart of Gold "This is me with my long winter coat" Skye is a 3 year old female Albino Yorkie with a gorgeous white coat and stunning blue eyes. Skye is not your typical Yorkie, she has a rare condition that makes her deaf , but also gives her a unique appearance and personality. Skye is the life of the party, she loves people and other dogs, and she is especially fond of children. She has not met any cats yet, but she is curious and friendly towards everything. Skye has learned "sign language" and follows the cues of other small dogs. She needs a home with other doggies who can help her navigate the world. Skye is fully housetrained , and she will let you know when she needs to go outside. She is not afraid of the rain, in fact, she loves it. She enjoys car rides and exploring new places. She walks well on a leash , but she cannot be off leash, as she might wander off and not hear you call her

#947 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Durbanville - Clint the Rugby Supporter

Western Cape, Durbanville ALREADY ADOPTED Clint the Rugby Supporter 5 year old male Yorkshire Terrier with an awesome personality,  he loves people big or small,  enjoys playing  so has a great time with children . Even though Clint has his own bed,  he prefers to claim your bed as his own. He enjoys going for  daily walks on his leash but goes super crazy  when he sees big dogs . Clint is an adventurous Yorkie boy,   who loves car rides,  as he stands on your lap  with his head out of the window. Clint is a Rugby Supporter He does not like cats,  or big dogs,  but gets on well with doggies his own size. Owner emigrates on 7th December 2023 Please help us find Clint a beautiful new home by the 6th Apply to Adopt  HERE South Africa's Favourite Yorkie Rescue SA Yorkie Rescue Team Call / WhatsApp:  071 489 2917 Email:  adoptions Website: Facebook   |   Instagram   |   Twitter   |   Spotify   |  YouTube   |   Telegram  |  WhatsApp Channel