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#1000 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape Gansbaai - Adopt Senior Yorkies, Choppie & Bella

Western Cape, Gansbaai ALREADY ADOPTED Adopt Senior Yorkies - Choppie & Bella Bonded Pair: Two Senior Yorkies 12 years old, that love to run and play . They enjoy strolling on the beach and exploring the shallow waters on the rocks, so when they see their leash, they excited for their anticipated walk. Both Yorkies have not been around cats . Choppie Choppie is a small male Yorkshire Terrier , he weighs about 4kg. He is a chilled out little dog that just loves everyone, including children, and gets along well with all other dogs. ~~~ Bella Bella is a little smaller, she weighs about 3.5kg and has a feisty personality. She prefers to be on her own, as she is not keen on other dogs. She enjoys the company of her owners and interacts well with children . Bella usually adopts one person as her owner and will shadow them everywhere, but still gets along with everyone. Both Yorkies are good in car rides, Choppie loves it, and Bella will curl up on a lap. They are not afraid of thunderst

#945 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Hermanus - Gaspari, Landini & Hiccup

Western Cape, Hermanus ALREADY ADOPTED Gaspari, Landini & Hiccup Yorkshire Terriers looking for a retirement home. Senior Yorkies - They are all adventurous, use to climb mountains, they swim and love walks (any kind of walk!). They are all good with children, fully housetrained. Not sure how they will react to cats. They are good with other dogs in a social environment - walking on the beach. They all enjoy car rides. Gaspari 11 year old female Yorkie , Gaspari is a real mom, a very quiet dog as a personality (still barks at things and people, don't get me wrong).  She loves the water, she will dive straight in, shallow water on the beach, puddles of water, the lagoon, this is her happy place. She needs some time to get use to men. Health: She was in a car accident, so her right back leg's nerve got hurt. She can use the leg, but it does not bend. However, if her new mommy can help her exercise the leg, it does go much better. Gaspari would need a home without stairs a

#905 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Hermanus - Holly tiny female Yorkshire Terrier

Western Cape, Hermanus Holly the most adorable 8 year old Yorkie girl in WC.  She rules her home with  grace and charm,   and enjoys her daily walks  and a 21km run. 

#871 ALREADY REHOMED - Western Cape, Hermanus - Hunter pocket size Yorkie

 Western Cape, Hermanus Hunter Hunter is a 14 year old   male Yorkshire Terrier

#870 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Hermanus - Benji the sweetest Yorkie boy

Western Cape, Hermanus Benji Benji is a sweet male Yorkshire Terrier He loves to shadow his person He gets very attached to one person