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#1014 WC Bothasig - Adopt a Chocolate Yorkie, Pocket

Western Cape, Bothasig Adopt a Chocolate Yorkie, Pocket Adopt a Chocolate Yorkie Male , Pocket, he is a standard sized Yorkshire Terrier 4 years old, who is very loving and enjoys attention. Pocket is playful, when it suits him, but mostly he is like an old man, that likes to be peaceful and at rest.  He does not like yapping dogs , this makes him nervous and stressed. This does cause "mishaps" in the house from his anxiety. Pocket does get along with other dogs and is also good with cats, birds, tortoises. Apply to Adopt  HERE South Africa's Favourite Yorkie Rescue SA Yorkie Rescue Team Call / WhatsApp:  071 489 2917 Email:  adoptions Website: Facebook   |   Instagram   |   Twitter   |   Spotify   |  YouTube   |   Telegram  |  WhatsApp Channel

#1002 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape Stellenbosch - Adopt a Stunning Biewer, Tony

Western Cape, Stellenbosch ALREADY ADOPTED Adopt a Stunning Biewer - Tony Adopt a sunning Biewer Yorkie , Tony is 2 ½ year old male Yorkie . He is very playful, enjoys to play with soft toys and tug of war. Interactive games are his favorite, he is not a ball kind of pup. Tony hates cats and any other small pets with a passion! He is well socialized with other dogs . Tony is fully house-trained , and does not lift his leg, he has manners. He does enjoy going for walks on his leash. He is accustomed to having family around him during the day, so is not use to being home alone for long periods of time. Tony is good with babies and older children. However, he does not like toddlers that pull his ears and his tail, he will growl to tell them to stop with their pulling games. Tony loves to eat, and enjoys a raw diet, carrots, broccoli, bell peppers and rice are his favorite meals. He enjoys getting spoilt with a doggy bone. Apply to Adopt  HERE South Africa's Favourite Yorkie Rescue SA

#999 ALREADY ADOPTED - WC, Atlantis - Adopt Benji Yorkie cross Biewer

Western Cape, Atlantis ALREADY ADOPTED Adopt Benji - Yorkie cross Biewer Adopt Benji, this 7 year old Yorkshire Terrier cross Biewer Terrier is such a charmer and what a good looker he is. Benji just loves children, and gets on well with other dogs and grew up with cats. Benji enjoys car rides, so when he hears the car keys he starts getting so excited about the outing, He will jump straight into the car, and stick his head out the window - loves it! ADOPT A YORKIE TODAY! Apply to Adopt  HERE South Africa's Favourite Yorkie Rescue SA Yorkie Rescue Team Call / WhatsApp:  071 489 2917 Email:  adoptions Website: Facebook   |   Instagram   |   Twitter   |   Spotify   |  YouTube   |   Telegram  |  WhatsApp Channel

#995 ALREADY ADOPTED - WC Cape Town - Adopt a Yorkie Puppy, Benji & Birdie

Western Cape, Sunningdale ALREADY ADOPTED Adopt a Puppy Benji & Birdie Adopt a Yorkie Puppy Both Yorkies have grown up with cats and dogs, and they love playing with children. ~~~ Benji Puppy boy The perfect WFH companion Benji 11 month old male Yorkshire Terrier He is a real mommy's boy, that loves attention.  This Yorkie boy sits in his car chair to enjoy car rides to the beach. This Yorkie puppy loves to play fetch, and can be entertained for hours with a ball.  Benji is house trained, and uses puppy training pads when indoors.  He really enjoys going for walks to meet up with other dogs. Benji before his summer cut  ~~~ 🐾🐾🐾 Birdie - Puppy girl Birdie cuddled up in her pen Birdie  3 month old female Yorkshire Terrier She will melt your heart with her beautiful blue eyes. She is a feisty little fur baby, that will back chat "bark" when you tell her no.  This small Yorkie puppy girl loves to play chase with other dogs and enjoys adventures out to the beach. She is

#979 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Gordon's Bay - AB de Villiers Yorkie boy

Western Cape, Gordon's Bay ALREADY ADOPTED AB de Villiers 4 year old Yorkshire Terrier Male. AB (named after the South African former international cricketer) loves attention, and is wonderfully spoilt with all the attention he receives. AB is very intelligent Yorkie boy, who assists his elderly hard of hearing pawrent. He knows hand signals, and is obedient and observant to surrounding noises and let's his pawrent know if something is wrong. AB is an independant Yorkie boy , that prefers to sit next to you. He is not a fond of sitting on a lap. He is nervous around small children , so older kids would be best suited for him. He is well socialized, he has not been introduced to cats. AB thoroughly enjoys going for his daily walks , and enjoys the attention from the Life Savers on the beach - they have become good friends. AB enjoys car rides , and can get aggressive towards strangers approaching the car. He can be on his own for an hour or two, he does prefer to have his huma

#973 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Cape Town - Brave Bear is looking for a buddy to bond with

Western Cape, Tokai ALREADY ADOPTED Bear 7 year old male Yorkshire Terrier Bear is a soft, calm cuddly Yorkie boy looking for a buddy to bond with. Bear always wants to be close to his humans. He loves cuddles and enjoys a good scratch. He is good with children , but might nip at very young toddlers if they pull his ears or tail. Bear gets on very well with other dogs , and can happily stay home alone if he has a canine buddy to play with. Bear loves his toys, but will go into full terrier mode when protecting his favorite squeeky toy to protect it with all his might.  He is not a big barker, but will let you know when the Hadidas come visit. He does not like cats. Bear is a submissive Yorkie boy , who will quickly lay on his back to show his submission to his humans and canine friends. He is fully house-trained , and does not lift his leg in the house. He enjoys going for short walks on his leash. He tore a ligament, that was operated on, and has healed well. He prefers to keep run

#955 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Kuilsrivier - Zacchaeus Friendly Male Yorkie Puppy

Western Cape, Kuilsrivier ALREADY ADOPTED Zacchaeus 19 month old Yorkshire Terrier puppy Zachy is the friendliest Yorkie boy you will ever meet. He just loves people and plays so gently with children . He enjoys attention from his humans and just loves to cuddle on your warm cosy bed. Zacchaeus  is an active Yorkie with a jump in his step from his pure enjoyment of life. He has never been exposed to any cats , and he might need some time to get use to other dogs, as he has not interacted  freely with other canines. "Me with my stunning colouring" Because of his inquisitive nature , he might jump a low wall, or escape if a gate is left open, so he does need a secure home. Zachy has the cutest way of "talking" to you, and barks with excitement when he sees children because then he knows it is playtime.  "Look how stunning I look with my winter coat" Sadly his aging pawrents, can't keep up with his active lifestyle, and it breaks their hearts, howeve

#929 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Brackenfell - Shadow the Yorkie who loves life

Western Cape, Brackenfell Meet Shadow, the Yorkie who loves life If you are looking for a furry friend   who will brighten up your days  and fill your heart with joy,  look no further than Shadow .  He is a 4 year old Yorkie boy

#923 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Durbanville - Three Tiny Yorkies

Western Cape, Durbanville Winston Amber and Tommy,  three adorable tiny Yorkshire Terriers   who are ready to give you all the cuddles you need!

#918 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Pinehurst - Bella & Tiger bonded Yorkie Pair

Western Cape, Pinehurst Bella and Tiger  are a bonded pair of Yorkshire Terriers   who have been together  since they were puppies. 

#917 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Mosselbay - Rocky & Peanut Yorkshire Terrier males

 Western Cape, Mosselbay Rocky & Peanut  Yorkshire Terriers Both Yorkies are housetrained,  love children  and get on well with other dogs.  They have never been exposed to cats.

#894 ALREADY ADOPTED - WC, Sea Point - Hatchiko tiny male Yorkie

WC, Sea Point Meet Hatchiko or Hutchi for short, a sweet and spunky senior Yorkie who is looking for his forever home. Hutchi is 10 years old, but don’t let his age fool you. He is full of energy and loves to play, jump and walk.

#882 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Durbanville - Milo the brave & lovable Yorkie

Western Cape, Durbanville Meet Milo: The Brave and Lovable Yorkie Are you looking for a  loyal and energetic companion who loves  to run, cuddle, and chase birds?  If so, you might be the perfect match for Milo,  a 5-year-old male Yorkshire Terrier  who is looking for a new home in Western Cape, Durbanville. 

#877 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Brackenfell - Tyson & Bella bonded Yorkie pair

Western Cape, Brackenfell Tyson & Bella bonded brother & sister pair They Love Love They love children dog friendly cats (never been exposed)

#871 ALREADY REHOMED - Western Cape, Hermanus - Hunter pocket size Yorkie

 Western Cape, Hermanus Hunter Hunter is a 14 year old   male Yorkshire Terrier