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#674 - ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Richwood - Charlie Friendly Yorkie Boy Needs New Home

ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Richwood, Cape Town Charlie Yorkie boy about 5 Years of age. He has been neutered. Charlie has good health. He is house trained. Charlie is a very friendly Yorkie that loves attention. He loves his toys . Charlie is a good watch dog .  It is unknown how he will be around children. He is a fussy eater and does not eat a lot.  Charlie will greet and play with other dogs,  but  may be possessive over his owner.  He is not good with cats.

#672 - ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Cape Town - Playful Bubbles Needs New Home

ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Cape Town, Mitchell's plain Bubbles A Yorkie boy about 12 Years of age. Bubbles is very playful , energetic & loves his walks. He loves children. He does not have any health issues. He is not house trained. Bubbles does extremely well with other animals big and small .

#668 - ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Sedgefield - Toffee & Smartie Cute Yorkies Need New Homes

ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Sedgefield Toffee and Smartie Adorable Yorkies needing new homes where there will be someone around during the day Toffee is a teacup Yorkie male  about 5 Years of age &  Smartie is a Yorkie girl about 4 Years of age.  They LOVE people. They are friendly Yorkshire Terriers. They are excellent with children. They are both sterilized. They have good health. They are excellent with other dogs and cats.

#664 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Western Cape, Cape Town - Daisy Gorgeous Yorkie Puppy

ALREADY ADOPTED! Western Cape, Rugby, Cape Town Daisy  6 weeks old tiny Yorkie puppy girl.  This adorable Yorkshire Terrier puppy needs a home where someone is  around all day to give her all the love and attention she wants. Daisy is very quiet and affectionate . She has good health.     

#661 - ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Cape Town - Gemma Active and Happy Yorkie Girl

ALREADY ADOPTED WESTERN CAPE, CAPE TOWN: Gemma is a happy, easy going 9-yr-old Yorkie girl who is very active and loves attention. She happily fits in with her surroundings and has a lot of love to give. Gemma is a social girl who is happy around  other dogs and excellent with kids . It is unknown what she thinks of cats. She is sterilized with excellent health and is fully inoculated. She has her  vets card. Gemma is fully housetrained.