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#979 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Gordon's Bay - AB de Villiers Yorkie boy

Western Cape, Gordon's Bay ALREADY ADOPTED AB de Villiers 4 year old Yorkshire Terrier Male. AB (named after the South African former international cricketer) loves attention, and is wonderfully spoilt with all the attention he receives. AB is very intelligent Yorkie boy, who assists his elderly hard of hearing pawrent. He knows hand signals, and is obedient and observant to surrounding noises and let's his pawrent know if something is wrong. AB is an independant Yorkie boy , that prefers to sit next to you. He is not a fond of sitting on a lap. He is nervous around small children , so older kids would be best suited for him. He is well socialized, he has not been introduced to cats. AB thoroughly enjoys going for his daily walks , and enjoys the attention from the Life Savers on the beach - they have become good friends. AB enjoys car rides , and can get aggressive towards strangers approaching the car. He can be on his own for an hour or two, he does prefer to have his huma

#969 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Gordon's Bay - Jasper senior male Yorkie

Western Cape, Gordon's Bay ALREADY ADOPTED Jasper 12 year old senior male Yorkshire Terrier looking for a new retirement home. Jasper is a loving affectionate Yorkie, he is good with children but can get snappy in his old age. Jasper is a standard sized Yorkie that tends to be a little jealous , he will enjoy being the only dog to receive all the attention. If other dogs irritate him, he might chase them, but he is affectionate towards strong confident dogs. Dogs that are timid and whimper, "gets under his skin"  Jasper enjoys going for his early morning stroll on his leash, and also for his evening walks . Jasper does not like to get his feet wet in the rain, so toilet times in wet weather is a challenge for him. He is fully housetrained , and listens when it times to go out for a wee little business. He only barks if there is someone at the door.  Sadly his beloved pawrent is in assisted living  that does not allow Jasper to join her. Apply to Adopt  HERE South Afric