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#751 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Western Cape, Durbanville - Kind Loving Yorkies Need Homes

 ALREADY ADOPTED! Western Cape, Durbanville Bella & Marlie Yorkies needing a new home Bella is 9 Years old & Marlie 6 Years old Kind and loving Yorkshire Terriers that are excellent with children. They are healthy doggies. They are house trained. They are excellent with other dogs but tend to get jealous over each other. It is unknown how they would be around cats.

#750 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Western Cape, Bergvliet - Henry & Daisy Loving Yorkies

ALREADY ADOPTED! Western Cape, Bergvliet  Henry & Daisy Henry is 7 Years old &  Daisy is 4 Years old They are very high energy , loving dogs and they need a lot of attention . They are excellent with children. They are both sterilized.  Both are in good health condition.  They have a specific diet because they are fussy eaters . They are excellent with other dogs.  They are not good with cats.

#747 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Western Cape, Century City - DJ & Flash Yorkies Need New Homes

ALREADY ADOPTED Western Cape, Century City, Milnerton DJ and Flash DJ is 6 Years old & Flash is 5 Years old. They are excellent with kids.  Loving, friendly Yorkshire Terriers  that love attention . They have good health. They understand to go outside of a house to " use the toilet " but at times they will still need your help housetraining. Flash especially since he might feel the need to mark . They have not been exposed to other dogs. It is unknown how they are with cats.