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#976 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Stellenbosch - Timmie & Nikki bonded Yorkie Pair

Western Cape, Stellenbosch ALREADY ADOPTED Timmie & Nikki The most gorgeous Yorkshire Terrier Pair to be adopted together. They would prefer to be the only doggies in their new home, as they want to have all the love and attention. They are fully housetrained . They are use to sleeping in their own beds, but love to creep into the grandchildren's bed when granny isn't looking, to enjoy a warm cuddle from the children. Timmie Is a one-person kind-of-a-Yorkie, he will bond with someone and then follow them everywhere. He will bark at strangers and if a big man walks in that he doesn't know, he will let you know. He does not bark at friends and family. 🐾🐾🐾 Nikki This Yorkie girl is friendly, loving, and easy going. She loves tummy rubs so much that she will quickly roll over onto her back to make sure she gets her rub. Nikki loves love - and will go to anyone who can give her attention They quietly lay in their basket when going for  car rides . They do prefer to have

#918 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Pinehurst - Bella & Tiger bonded Yorkie Pair

Western Cape, Pinehurst Bella and Tiger  are a bonded pair of Yorkshire Terriers   who have been together  since they were puppies. 

#877 ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Brackenfell - Tyson & Bella bonded Yorkie pair

Western Cape, Brackenfell Tyson & Bella bonded brother & sister pair They Love Love They love children dog friendly cats (never been exposed)

#834 - ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Somerset West - Duke & Townsley Loving Yorkies Need New Home

Western Cape, Somerset West Duke & Townsley Yorkies needing their new home together. They are 5 years of age. Duke will turn 6 in March. He is a loving and sweet boy who loves to  sit on your lap while you work. He hates wearing jerseys and sometimes being stroked in the wrong places . He has separation anxiety and would do best with someone at home. He is nippy with children . Townsley is very gentle natured and sweet. She loves to cuddle in bed.  She is very good with children . She also loves food :) She can get a little defensive when strangers enter the property. They are excellent with other dogs. They are not used to cats. They have been neutered. They are healthy Yorkshire Terriers.

#827 - ALREADY ADOPTED - Western Cape, Plettenberg Bay - Blythe and Stirling Yorkie Pair

Western Cape, Plettenberg Bay Blythe & Stirling Both Yorkies are 4 years old  They are healthy, sterilized & microchipped Blythe-Madonna loves attention Enjoys sitting on your lap cuddles up with you on your bed She just loves everyone Although Sterling-Blaze is an escape artist He just loves everyone And gets on well with dogs, cats, horses, etc