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#491 - ALREADY ADOPTED! Western Cape, Durbanville - Adorable Yorkies Need Forever Home

Western Cape, Durbanville


Charlie and Milly are two adorable Yorkshire Terriers needing their new loving home together.
They are 9 Years old and love each other dearly.
Charlie is a male typical Yorkshire Terrier. 
Milly is a female Chocolate Yorkie.
They have both been sterilized. 
They have Perfect health 
but have both developed a flea allergy. 
They are both house trained. 
Milly and Charlie both love snuggling and cuddlingThey love car rides and going out for walks (although they are terrible on a lead and just run all over the place). They are lovable, caring and will make your day. 
They are independent but do enjoy spending time with their humans. 
Milly is excellent with children but  Charlie needs time adjusting. 
He will nip somebody if a child pulls his tail or hits him.
Milly has anxiety issues and frightened by noise. 
Milly is okay with other dogs, just quite timid. 
Charlie is dominating and may be a bit unfriendly towards other dogs. 
They will chase and bark at cats


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